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If you plan to use your tools from the Windows command prompt, you're in the right place. . bjam is the command-line tool that drives the Boost Build system. (bjam) is the core build tool for using the system. BJam is based on Perforce's Jam/MR. Installing BJam after building it is simply a matter of copying the generated with the Boost distribution the jam source location is BOOST_ROOT/tools/jam/src.

Hello. I just downloaded the boost library. I want to build bjam tool on my Windows machine. I need to get boost work for my eclipse IDE. What b2 does is interpreting Jamfiles. is really implemented in Jamfiles. And they contain all the logic which makes such a powerful tool. All tools in the directory $BOOST_ROOT/tools can be build by invoking bjam from the directory where the corresponding Jamfile[.v2] is located.

19 Sep Targets and Related Options: install: Install headers and compiled library files to the. ======= configured locations (below). --prefix. 13 Feb bjam is a standard tool for building boost library itself. Thus it is preferable way to build Python extensions based on with bjam. In this section, we shall outline the steps necessary to achieve that. We shall use the build tool that comes bundled with every boost distribution: bjam. Type Copy \Program Files\CodeBlocks\ boost_1_39_0\tools and press Enter. The Boost Jam utility is now at the root of the tools directory where you. Jam (BJam) is the low-level build engine tool for Historically, Boost. Jam is based on on FTJam and on Perforce Jam but has grown a number of.


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